artist statement

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Philosophically, I am a painter of life and my passion is to capture the dynamics and energy of what I feel and see in my surroundings.  With each painting my goal to completing the image may change based on the colors and shapes of the subject matter.  The end result varies from realism to abstraction, or someplace in-between.  Each time I approach a subject, it is a personal journey that I take in trying to create an image that engages the imagination and pleasure of the viewer.

My technical approach to painting is to, “build-and-destroy”.  The “building” process varies from employing an underpainting then using wet-in-wet and/or glazing techniques, as well as employing palette knives and other tools to move the paint around and create a satisfying design.  My “destroy” process is to remove paint and begin building/destroying again until I am satisfied with the image I wish to convey, emotionally and intellectually.